jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

There are some things that's better not to try

 I like food and enjoy eating. So in this aspect of my life I enjoy trying and discovering new flavors.

 Sometimes, I found new delicious combinations that I add to my daily diet, but sometimes I have had very bad experiences. 

And this story, is about one of those bad, or let me say it in a new age way: not so good food experience. 
When I moved to Merida to go to the University, I´ve discovered a lot of new things and of course those new things included food. 

Near to my house there was a bakery, pretty good one, not the best but good enough to fulfill all the bread requests I had for those days.  At any time I went to the bakery, there were some kids buying a ‘thing’ that I never saw before, it looked soft and chewy, but its color wasn’t very yummy, but the kids ate with a big smile of pleasure. 

So, one day, I asked what was that, and they told me: templones, and they said it was like a marshmallow, certainly it wasn’t white, it was beige, and dark beige, but well they looked happy eating it, and of course I had to try it too, so I bought one, and with my mouth watering I gave it a big bite and… oh MY GOD it was the most horrendous thing I ever tasted in my life!!! Its barely sweet, it is sticky and also smell like a cow, and of course I had to spit out everything and drop it in the closest trash can. Once again I asked, why this taste like a cow, but not like meat, no, like the cows smells in the open, and the answer was, oh, easy girl, it is because it is made from the cows feet, from that gelatin they have inside their feet, they cook that and add a little bit sugar and that’s it. I certainly do not recommend trying it, that’s only for people who grow up eating it. 

sábado, 12 de enero de 2013

I have a dream

At one point of our lives we all have had dreams about how our life will be, what would we do for a living, and how our lives will develop.

Most of the time, this dreams are linked with the idea of what we want to do. So, it is frequent to listen kids saying: I’m going to be a doctor, a fireman, a policeman, a writer, a nurse and so on and on, but, when this kids grow up, become something totally different at what they said when they were young. This is normal, usually this come with certain points of maturity, and this dreams changes, but sometimes, this dreams don’t change, and will always keep being dreams.

In my case, I always dreamed about becoming a writer. And I wrote short stories when I was a child, stories that now are lost and also are lost in my memory, but I wrote, I also wrote stories when I was younger, those stories, fortunately are not lost, they still exist.

What I lost, was the path I was drawing for myself, with some maturity fiction, one day I just started to write less and suddenly I don’t remember how I just stopped writing stories, I wrote some other thing, serious things, adult papers, boring paper, job papers, and I left my dreams behind, and those became in a blurry shadow that sometimes when I was sleeping showed up to fade very quickly.

However,  some days at some places, who knows why and how, suddenly comes to my memory the bittersweet idea that, once upon a time  I had a dream.

Today was one of those days, I submitted one old story I wrote to a revision in a workshop, and the result was, that my dreams popped out in my mind like a firecracker, and of course helped me to take a life decision: I’m going to restart writing, no matter what ends up, probably I’m not going to be the next Gabriela Mistral for name a Latinamerican writer, or the next J.K Rowling, but, that’s not the important thing here, the fact is, that I’ll follow my dream, I’m going to restart writing my stories, and If I get published, I’ll dance under the rain for a couple of days just as the drunk and kids does, and If I don’t get published, I’ll be happy too, probably I’ll be dance under the rain too, and enjoy what am I doing.

martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Losing elections: its the end of the world?

Once a good friend told me to write down to take of fear. And I must admit that writing it can be a good therapy.  Now I’m writing to take of sadness.

On last Sunday, we had presidential elections. It was the end of a long run to try to win over the actual president who has already 14 years in the government.

We, democrat citizens, were full of hope, this time we will see a change… it’s going to be a turn back to democracy here in Venezuela, and we felt in love of our candidate, a young healthy lawyer, with lot of experience in politics, he was Major and Governor, so we had the feeling that he can make a change. And he is making a change. 

On that Sunday, we went to vote, and were the biggest assistance to vote in the last 20 years of our political story. But, there are always a but, people has spoken, and our candidate lost  the election.

On Monday, the feeling was heart brokering, the best way to describe it,  is  remembering when you finish a relationship with your boy or girlfriend, and you are in a mourning process, denial, anger, and acceptation. 

We are in that process. We are mourning the loss of illusions, and trying to re- build the parts and keep walking and working, re- thinking on what went wrong, what we needed to do and didn’t did, and, what is the next step to follow?

In my case, I cleaned up my eyes, and decided to use this feeling to start to work and build, there is a path we opened, we need to keep it and take care of it, it’s now the time to face our reality: we are a young Country, with lot of things to overcome, but, as we are a young Country, we are young, and youth have with itself the ability to reconfigure the map to make it better. So, yes, this was a failure, but we are not defeated, we won confidence, and a very important thing: we take back some spaces we were lost in the past years, and now we are sending a very clear signal: we know what we want and we go for it, because we now know that yes, we can do it, we can work as one mind, and yes, we’ll keep on fighting to the end. And the end is the turn back to democracy until it’s become in the only game in town. 

sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012


I truely believe that we can make dreams true, the only thing we need to do is dare to dream and imagine what we want create...

viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

I've heard somewhere that now I can't remember where, that sometimes we lost our north, and forget our dreams, but also I heard, that never is too late to take them back, and always is a second chance.

The important thing is our hability to see the chance and take it. Well, when I use to go to the beach, I listen the waves, and perhaps they are just saying: remember your dreams...and here am I, jumping out of my comfort zone, and trying to remember my dreams.